What does it do?

Apache Solr for TYPO3 is the search engine you were looking for with special features such as Faceted Search or Synonym Support and an incredibly fast response times of results within milliseconds.

When development started, the primary goal was to create a replacement for Indexed Search. With the initial public release at T3CON09 in Frankfurt, Germany that goal was reached and even passed by adding features which Indexed Search does not support.

With EXT:solr it is simple to build a search for a TYPO3 website, that allows you to index any kind of TYPO3 records with TCA configuration and pages. The results can be rendered with flexible fluid templates, to render the results as you need them.

Feature List

  • Faceted Search

  • Spellchecking / Did you mean

  • Multi Language Support

  • Search word highlighting

  • Field Boosting for fine tuning the importance of certain index fields

  • Frontend User Group Access Restrictions Support

  • Stop word Support

  • Synonym Support

  • Auto complete / Auto suggest

  • Language Analysis / Support for inflected word forms

  • Content Elevation / Paid Search Results / Editorial Content

  • Sorting of Results

  • Content indexing through a near instant backend Index Queue

  • Auto correction (search for the first suggestion)

  • and more...

Development and Partnership

The extension is developed in an open source way and the source code is completely available on github. Releases to the TYPO3 TER are done in regular time frames (Usually every 3 months).

To make the development possible you can join a partner ship with dkd. By joining the partner program you have the following benefits:

  • You support the further development on EXT:solr

  • You get access to addon's that are not public available
    • Indexing of files from FAL (TYPO3 File Abstraction Layer)

  • You can be mentioned as a sponsor on

  • You can included support based on your subscription

By the financial invest of our partners it is possible to keep this extension uptodate and integrate great new features. If you like this extension please think about to become a partner as well!

If you are interested to become a partner visit or call dkd +49 (0)69 - 247 52 18-0.