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Release 6.0.0

Dia dhuit - Hello "Apache Solr for TYPO3" 6.0

We're happy to announce the release of Apache Solr for TYPO3 (EXT:solr) version 6.0.0. With this release we ship support for Apache Solr 6.3 and provide a Docker file, that can be used to spin up a Solr server configured and ready to run within a few steps. Besides that the release contains many other features and bugfixes.

New in this release

In this release we've merged over 120 pull requests! With these pull requests several new features and bugfixes were added.

Apache Solr 6.3 Support

The focus of this release was adding support for the latest version of Apache Solr and making setup easier. Configuration of Apache Solr is now provided via configSets. A configSet contains everything you need - solrconfig.xml, schema.xml & custom access filter JAR files - to configure and run a Solr server for use with TYPO3.

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Access Filter Support for multi-value Access Fields

The next release of EXT:solrfal will allow merging of duplicates into one document. The implementation of this feature requires that the permissions are stored in a multi-value field because different references to a file can have different permissions. Thus the access field is now a multi-value field and the access filter plugin is able to evaluate multiple access values.

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Fluid Templates for System Status Reports

By using the Fluid standalone views we have adapted the status reports to use these views and create better output.

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Support for New Languages (Irish, Serbian and Latvian)

With the new Apache Solr version we have added languages Irish, Serbian, and Latvian. You can now use them to index sites in these languages by creating a Solr core using the configuration provided by the extension.

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### Use Extbase Command Controller to Update Connections

The old cli commands have been replaced with an Extbase command controller.

Please use the following commands to update Solr connections through cli:

php ./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase solr:updateConnections

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Closer to 8 LTS

Our goal is to be able to support TYPO3 CMS v8 as soon as version 8 LTS will be released. Many patches from the community have been merged to improve the compatibility for version 8 already. Thanks to everyone who worked on that and provided contributions!

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Performance Improvements

Avoid schema retrieval:

Until now the Solr schema was fetched in the frontend even when it was not needed. Now we only fetch the schema in the backend when it's really needed (when updating stopswords or synonyms).

Reduce ping requests:

The amount of ping requests has been reduced to only do one ping when the plugin is rendered.

Improved configuration caching:

Configuration object, are now cached in an in memory cache. This gives an improvement when pages in the backend are copied.

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Allow Solr Server-Side Facet Option Limits

Until now you could only limit the facet options shown when they get rendered in the frontend. Sometimes however you want to reduce the available facet options at an earlier time when retrieving them from Solr.

The following setting now allows you to configure this limit: = 50

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Improved Code Quality With Scrutinizer

To ensure changes don't reduce the quality of the code we have introduced Scrutinizer-CI to provide feedback on code quality. After adding Scrutinizer-CI we also started to resolve initial issues reported step by step and to increase the coverage of automated tests.

You can have a look at the results of the inspections and see the impact there:

A couple pull requests have been merged to introduce Scrutinizer and to fix several issues:

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Our goal is to improve the code step by step and don't get worse.

Use of Compound Index Format

To avoid an error in Apache Solr with "too many open files", it is possible to use the compound index format. Apache Solr is then writting to only one index file instead of many. The downside however, is that the performance may be slightly reduced but should not be significant for most projects. We decided to change the default configuration here to use a more robust setting. If you have very high performance requirements you can still change this behavior by setting <useCompoundFile>false</useCompoundFile> in your solrconfig.xml.

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Added Schema Field for Exact Matches

We've added a new data type "textExact" to the Solr schema. Beside that copyFields have been added for the following fields:

  • titleExact

  • contentExact

  • tagsH1Exact

  • tagsH2H3Exact

  • tagsH4H5H6Exact

  • tagsInlineExact

Beside that this type is also available as dynamic fields with the following suffixes:

  • _textExactS

  • _textExactM

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Username and Password for Solr Connection

Username and password can now be configured for the Solr connection:

plugin.tx_solr.solr.username = username
plugin.tx_solr.solr.password = password

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Timeout for Solr Connection

A timeout for the Solr connection can now be configured:

plugin.tx_solr.solr.timeout = 20

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Rendering Instruction for DateFormatting

The following rendering instruction can be used, when you want to format a date as option facet and store it as date or timestamp. {
   field = created
   label = Created
   sortBy = alpha
   reverseOrder = 1
   renderingInstruction = TEXT
   renderingInstruction {
      field = optionValue
      postUserFunc = ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Domain\Search\ResultSet\Facets\RenderingInstructions\FormatDate->format

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Breaking Changes

Updating from version 5.1.1 or earlier there are some breaking changes that your need to keep in mind when updating.

Apache Solr 6 and Access Filter

Since version 6 Apache Solr comes with an embedded Jetty server which completely changes the setup compared to Apache Solr 4.10. It is now required to install a new instance of Apache Solr Server. This can be done with our install script for development or you can use our Docker image to start a new Solr server as a container. Both approaches are described in our documentation. The embedded Solr Jetty server also uses a new default port (8983) to serve connections.

Migration to Command Controllers for CLI

We are now using a command controller to update the Solr server connections. Please use the following command to update your connections:

php ./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase solr:updateConnections


The following bugs have been fixed in this release.


In the next release (6.1) our focus will be to prepare support for TYPO3 CMS version 8 LTS as well as possible. The next release (6.1) will also be the last release for TYPO3 CMS version 7.6 LTS.


Like always this release would not have been possible without the help from our awesome community. Here are the contributors for this release.

(patches, comments, bug reports, reviews, ... in alphabetical order)

  • Anjey

  • Claus Due

  • Daniel Siepmann

  • Dominique Kreemers

  • Georg Ringer

  • Hendrik Putzek

  • Ingo Renner

  • Josef Glatz

  • Markus Friedrich

  • Markus Kasten

  • Michiel Roos

  • Olivier Dobberkau

  • Patrick Oberdorf

  • Peter Kraume

  • Philipp Gampe

  • Pierrick Caillon

  • Sascha Egerer

  • Thomas Hohn

  • Timo Hund

  • Tomas Norre Mikkelsen

Also a big thanks to our partners that have joined the EB2016 program:

  • Arrabiata Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

  • avonis

  • Bank CIC AG

  • Bitmotion GmbH

  • Citkomm services GmbH

  • cron IT

  • CS2 AG

  • Cosmoblonde GmbH

  • Daniz online markting

  • datenwerk innovationsagentur gmbh

  • Die Medialen GmbH

  • die_schnittsteller GmbH

  • E-magineurs

  • Fernando Hernáez Lopez

  • Future Connection AG

  • Gernot Leitgab

  • .hausformat

  • Hirsch & Wölfl GmbH

  • hs-digital GmbH

  • IHK Neubrandenburg

  • internezzo AG


  • L.N. Schaffrath DigitalMedien GmbH

  • mehrwert intermediale kommunikation GmbH

  • netlogix GmbH & Co. KG

  • Pixel Ink

  • Pixelpark AG

  • pixolith GmbH & Co. KG

  • polargold GmbH

  • portrino GmbH

  • Q3i GmbH & Co. KG

  • raphael gmbh

  • RUAG Corporate Services AG

  • sitegeist media solutions GmbH

  • ST3 Elkartea

  • Star Finanz-Software Entwicklung und Vertriebs GmbH

  • Stefan Galinski Interndienstleistungen

  • Speedpartner GmbH

  • sunzinet AG

  • Systime A/S

  • SYZYGY Deutschland GmbH

  • tecsis GmbH

  • web-vision GmbH

  • websedit AG - Internetagentur

  • Webstobe GmbH

  • werkraum GmbH

  • WIND Internet

  • wow! solution

  • zdreicon AG

Thanks also to our partners who already singed up for a 2017 partnership (EB2017):

  • Amedick & Sommer Neue Medien GmbH

  • cron IT GmbH

  • b:dreizehn GmbH

  • Die Medialen GmbH

  • Leibniz Universität IT Services, Hannover


  • polargold GmbH

  • Mercedes-AMG GmbH

  • Triplesense Reply GmbH

  • zdreicom AG

Thanks to everyone who helped in creating this release!

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