Releases 8.1

Release 8.1.0

We are happy to release EXT:solr 8.1.0. The focus of EXT:solr 8.1.0 was, to improve the API for the new EB addon's "solrconsole" and "solrdebugtools".

New in this release

Groups should be respected in suggest as well

When solrfluidgrouping is installed the groups are also respected for the top results in the suggest.

Display plugin name in page module

This patch extends the hook PageModuleSummary displaying information about the plugins flexform settings in the page module. Now the plugin name will be displayed and linked to the edit form, similar to the default behavior.

TypoScriptService moved from Extbase to Core

The TypoScriptService was moved from extbase to the core and we now use the service in the TYPO3 core.

Improvements for solrconsole

The implementation of solrconsole required several API changes for the implementation of the commands. These changes have been added with the following pull requests:

Use Apache Solr 6.6.3

We've updated shipped Apache Solr version to 6.6.3

Add datetime fields for new configuration

For the example index configuration for EXT:news, the datetime fields have been added.

Anonymize ip addresses by default

Since several versions it is possible to anonymize the ip-address in the statistics. This is now enabled by default.

Remove setting search.spellchecking.wrap

This setting is not used anymore. It was replaced by a label in fluid in version 7.

Set mm.autoRelax to true by default

When terms get removed because they are stopwords this might have an unwanted impact when the mm condition is evaluated. Setting mm.autoRelax to true fixes this.

See also:

Dispatch signals in search controller actions

This patch add's signals to the SearchController that allow passing custom arguments to the search view's.

Optimizations on suggest

With the suggest there where several issues:

  • The type could not be passed before, now you can pass the type to the SearchFormViewHelper as "suggestPageType" argument.

  • The filters have been passed as global url arguments "filter" as json encoded array, what was hard to debug and inconsistent to the other parameters. We changed the parameter to the name "additionalFilters" and each filter is passed as an array item.

Impact: If you just use the default ViewHelpers and templates you need to change nothing. When you add custom filters to the suggest you now need to pass each filter as an array item of the argument "additionalFilters"

TYPO3 9 compatibility

With 8.1.0 we do not officially support TYPO3 9. You can install it on TYPO3 9.3.99 for development and we tried to fix the most important issues during the development but there are already a few known issues:

The following pull requests have already been merged in order to optimize the TYPO3 9 compatibility:


Deprecated Code

The following methods have been marked as deprecated and will be removed in EXT:solr 9.0.0:

  • SearchResultSetService::getHasSearched() please use SearchResultSet::getHasSearched along with that the global template variable "hasSearched" will be removed with 9.0.0 as well.

  • Search::getHasSearched() please use SearchResultSet::getHasSearched instead along with that the global template variable "hasSearched" will be removed with 9.0.0 as well.

  • Util::isLocalizedRecord() please use TCAService::isLocalizedRecord instead

  • Queue::initialize() please use Queue::initializeBySiteAndIndexConfiguration instead

  • Queue::initializeIndexingConfigurations() please use Queue::initializeBySiteAndIndexConfiguration instead

  • SortingHelper::getSortFields() please use the SearchResultSet to get the parsed sorting

  • SortingHelper::getSortOptions() please use the SearchResultSet to get the parsed sorting


In the next release, we want to focus on the move to solarium and the support of the latest Apache Solr version.


Like always this release would not have been possible without the help from our awesome community. Here are the contributors to this release.

(patches, comments, bug reports, reviews, ... in alphabetical order)

  • Andreas Lappe

  • Benni Mack

  • Florian Schöppe

  • Frans Saris

  • Jens Jacobsen

  • Marc Bastian Heinrichs

  • Markus Friedrich

  • Michael Telgkamp

  • Olivier Dobberkau

  • Rafael Kähm

  • Rémy DANIEL

  • Thomas Löffler

  • Timo Hund

  • Thomas Hohn

Also a big thanks to our partners that have joined the EB2018 program:

  • 4eyes GmbH

  • Albervanderveen

  • Agentur Frontal AG

  • AlrweNWR Internet BV

  • Amedick & Sommer


  • Bibus AG

  • Bitmotion GmbH

  • bgm Websolutions GmbH

  • bplusd interactive GmbH

  • Centre de gestion de la Fonction Publique Territoriale du Nord (Siège)

  • Citkomm services GmbH

  • Consulting Piezunka und Schamoni - Information Technologies GmbH

  • Cobytes GmbH

  • Cows Online GmbH

  • creativ clicks GmbH


  • Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach

  • food media Frank Wörner

  • Fachhochschule für öffentliche Verwaltung NRW

  • FTI Touristik GmbH

  • GAYA - La Nouvelle Agence

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Special thanks to our premium EB 2018 partners:

Thanks to everyone who helped in creating this release!

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