Page Cache Configuration

Since TYPO3 does not know, which records a plugin will show, it can not automatically consider starttime/stoptime of e.g. event records for the page cache lifetime calculation. It has to be configured that TYPO3 will include the starttime/stoptime of records in the page cache lifetime calculation using config.cache as described in the TypoScript reference


config.cache.3 = tx_sfeventmgt_domain_model_event:2
config.cache.4 = tx_sfeventmgt_domain_model_event:2

The shown example will include the starttime/stoptime for all events in PID 2 (storage page for events) for cache lifetime calculation of PID 3 (page with list view plugin) and 4 (page with detail view plugin).

When you use “Event management and registration” along with the Registration start date or Registration dealine featurem it is highly recommended to configure cache settings like shown in the example above. If this setting is not configured properly, the cache lifetime of a page may be too high resulting in registration links being shown for events, where registration is not logically possible.

The extension hooks into the page cache lifetime calculation and uses the configured cache configuration to calculate the cache lifetime for events with a Registration start date or Registration dealine. Please note, that the calculation only includes events, where the startdate is not reached and where registration is enabled.