Page TSConfig

The following Page TSConfig can be used with the extension.

Property: Data type: Description:
templateLayout array

With this setting the plugin can be configured to show different template layouts. Template layouts can be configured like shown below.:

tx_sfeventmgt.templateLayouts {
  1 = 2 column layout
  2 = Event-Slider

Template layout can be used/set by TypoScript (settings.templateLayout)

module.defaultPid.tx_sfeventmgt_domain_model_event int

This setting allows to set the default storage pid of new events generated over the backend module. To set the default storage pid for new event records to e.g. a sysfolder with the pid 20 use:

tx_sfeventmgt.module.defaultPid.tx_sfeventmgt_domain_model_event = 20