RSS feed

This section describes how you add a RSS feed for the list of events. The implementation of the RSS feed in sf_event_mgt is similar to the RSS feed implementation in the news extension from Georg Ringer. Many parts of the RSS feed documentation are taken from his extension with small modifications to fit sf_event_mgt.

The template for the RSS feed can be found in the file Resources/Private/Templates/Event/List.xml To configure sf_event_mgt to use this template, simply set the format of the output als shown below:

plugin.tx_sfeventmgt.settings.list.format = xml

RSS feeds by using a plugin

If you want to use the sf_event_mgt plugin to configure the settings of your RSS feed, then just configure the event plugin as if you are creating a list view (set startin point, categories, detail page, …)

Next, add a new TypoScript template to the page and insert the following TypoScript to the setup section

page = PAGE
page.10 < styles.content.get

config {
   disableAllHeaderCode = 1
   xhtml_cleaning = none
   admPanel = 0

   metaCharset = utf-8
   additionalHeaders = Content-Type:application/rss+xml;charset=utf-8
   additionalHeaders.10.header = Content-Type:application/rss+xml;charset=utf-8
   disablePrefixComment = 1

# set the format
plugin.tx_sfeventmgt.settings.list.format = xml

# delete content wrap
tt_content.stdWrap >
tt_content.stdWrap.editPanel = 0

Important If the sf_event_mgt plugin is located in different column than default (0), then you extend the TypoScript as following: = colPos=1


When using Fluid Styled Content, you have to make sure, that you override layouts and templates of Fluid Styled Content in order to remove the wrapper-div and also to ensure the RSS feed contains no empty lines. To keep things simple, it is recommended to configure the RSS feed using TypoScript

RSS feed configuration

Don’t forget to configure the RSS feed properly as the sample template won’t fulfill your needs completely. Please look up the constants and change the mentioned settings.

plugin.tx_sfeventmgt { {
        title = Feed title
        description =
        link = http://domain.tld/
        language = en-gb
        copyright = TYPO3 Event management and registration
        category =
        generator = TYPO3 EXT:sf_event_mgt