Frontend user registrations

NOTE: Make sure,that you place the Plugin on a page with “Usergroup Access Rights” configured to only show the plugin output for logged in users and/or users belonging to a user group. Anyway, the plugin will only output content if there is an active FE user session.


Nearly all important settings can be made through the plugin, which override the settings made with TypoScript. All plugin settings can also be configured with TypoScript (use plugin.tx_sfeventmgt.settings. with the keys shown below).

Property: View: Description: Key:
Display mode List

With this setting the plugin can be configured to show registrations for all events, only future or only past events.

Available options

  • all
  • future
  • current_future
  • past
Sort by List Defines which field should be used for sorting events in the frontend. The default sorting field is “startdate”, which can be overridden by using this setting. userRegistration.orderField
Sorting direction List

Defines the sorting direction for orderField. The default sorting direction is “asc”, which can be overridden by using this setting.

Possible values:

  • <empty value>
  • asc
  • desc
Registration pid List Page, where the event plugin is configured to show event registration registrationPid
Record storage page List One or more sysfolders, where events and registrations are stored userRegistration.storagePage
Recursive List Recursion level for record storage page userRegistration.recursive