If the registration option is enabled for an event, participants can register to the event. A registration contains the data the participant entered during the registration process and also some administration fields like “confirmed” or “paid”.

Default fields in the registration form are:

  • Gender
  • Title
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Company
  • Address
  • Zip
  • City
  • Country
  • Phone
  • E-Mail
  • Date of birth
  • Notes
  • Accept terms and conditions

If you need additional field in the registration form, you can add individual fields on event basis. For more information, see Registration field

Registration record


The general tab contains personal data about the participant, who registered to the event

Field: Description:
Gender Gender of the participant
Title Title of the participant
Firstname Firstname of participant
Lastname Lastname of participant
Company Company of participant
Address Address of participant
Zip Zip of the participant
City City of the participant
Country Country of the participant
Phone Phone of the participant
E-mail E-mail of the participant
Date of birth Date of birth of the participant
Accepted terms and conditions Indicates, that the user has confirmed the terms and conditions (if field is used in template)
Notes Notes from the participant
Registration date The date the registration was created. This field can be edited in the backend, so you can control which registration will move up from the waitlist for the default waitlist move up process.


The additional tab contains additional data about the registration

Field: Description:
Frontend user If there was a valid frontend user session at registration time, a relation to the frontend user record is saved in this field
Confirmation until Administration field. Date/time until the registration must be confirmed. Hides automatically, when the registration has been confirmed.
Confirmed Administration field. Will be set automatically, when the user confirms the registration.
No email notifications It this field is set to true, the participant will not receive notifications sent by the backend module.
Amount of registrations Read-only field which shows the number of registrations the participant has created. Only shown, if participant has created more than one registration
Parent registration Read-only field which shows the parent registration. Only shown, if the registration depends on another registration (multiple registrations created by the same participant)
Registration waitlist If checked, the registration is on the waitlist

Registration field values

The registration fields tab contains all submitted registration field values.

Field: Description:
Registration field values List of registration field values


The payment tab contains information about payment of the registration

Field: Description:
Paid Administration field used to set if the user has paid for the event
Payment method Selected payment method on registration
Payment reference This field can be used by a payment extension for sf_event_mgt to store a payment reference