List view, Detail view, Registration view, Calendar view, Search view

Since some plugins use the same settings, this section covers the settings for the following plugins:

  • List view
  • Detail view
  • Registration view
  • Calendar view
  • Search view

Nearly all important settings can be made through the plugins, which override the settings made with TypoScript. All plugin settings can also be configured with TypoScript (use plugin.tx_sfeventmgt.settings. with the keys shown below).

Tab settings

Tab additional

Detail Page List, Registration Page, where plugin is configured to show event details detailPid
List Page List, Details, Registration Page, where the listview for events is shown. Only available, when the plugin is configured to show event details. listPid
Registration Page List, Details Page, where plugin is configured to show event registration registrationPid
Payment Page Registration Page, where plugin is configured to handle payments for registration paymentPid
Restrict foreign records to storage page List Categories, locations and organisators will only be loaded from the configured storage page (recursive) restrictForeignRecordsToStoragePage
Disable Override demand List If set, the settings of the plugin can’t be overridden by arguments in the URL. disableOverrideDemand

Tab template

Property: View: Description: Key:
Template layout List

With this setting the plugin can be configured to show different template layouts.

  • Template layouts can be configured with Page TSConfig.
  • Template layout can be used/set by TypoScript (settings.templateLayout)

Tab notification

Tab category menu

Property: View: Description: Key:
Categories List A subset of categories which will be shown in the category menu. If empty, all categories will be shown categoryMenu.categories
Include Subcategories List Includes subcategories of selected categories to the category menu categoryMenu.includeSubcategories
Order field List Order field for the category menu (internally limited to “title”, “uid” and “sorting”) categoryMenu.orderField
Order direction List Order direction for the category menu categoryMenu.orderDirection