Events are the main record of this extesion. An event contains several fields, which can be used to describe the event in detail.


The general tab is used to add general information about the event like a title, start- and enddate and a description.

Event general tab
Field: Description:
Title Title of the event.
Top event If checked, the event is considered as a top event
Startdate Date and time, when the event starts.
Enddate Date and time, when the event ends.
Teaser The teaser for the event.
Description The description for the event.


The additional tab contains additional fields for the event like price, location, organiser, link and program/schedule.

Event additional tab
Field: Description:
Price A price for the event.
Currency The currency for the price.
Price options

If the event has prices based on a selected date (e.g. early bird price), you can define one or multiple price options. The following fields are availabe for price options.

  • Price
  • Date until the price is valid (selected date is included)

The event management will automatically output the current price if the {event.currentPrice} getter is used.

Link A link (e.g. external link) for the event.
Program The program/schedule for the event.
Custom text A custom RTE text field. The field can e.g. be used to show, that event registration has ended.


The relations tab contains fields which holds relations locations, organisators and related events.

Event related tab
Field: Description:
Location The location of the event choosen from the location records created.
Room Optional field for the room, where the event happens.
Organisator The organisator of the event choosen from the organisator records created.
Speaker One or multiple speaker of the event.
Related events One or more related events


The media tab contains fields which holds media-data for the event.

Event media tab
Field: Description:
Image One or more images. Each image can be configured to be shown either in the listview, the detailview or both.
Files One or more files.
YouTube embed code A YouTube embed code
Additional images One or more additional images (e.g. images from the event).


You can assign one or multiple categories to an event.

Event category tab
Field: Description:
Category One or multiple categories for the event

Registration Options

For each event, it is possible to enable registration and to limit the amount of free places, so only a limited amount of people can participate to the event. It is also possible to allow the user to create multiple registrations at once, if the field “Max. simultaneous registrations per user” is set to a value greater than 1.

Event record (Tab: registration options)
Field: Description:
Enable registration Option to enable registration for the event. If enabled, users can register for participation to the event.
Registration start date If set, registration is only possible after the given date.
Registration deadline If set, registration is only possible until the given date.
Enable cancellation Option to enable cancellation of registrations for the event. If enabled, users can cancel their registration to the event.
Cancellation deadline If set, cancellation is only possible until the given date.
Enable automatic confirmation of event registrations If set, new registrations for the event will automatically be confirmed regardless of the global setting settings.registration.autoConfirmation
Max. participants The amount af max. participants. If the value is zero, there is no limitation.
Max. simultaneous registrations per user The amount of registrations the participant can create with one single registration. If this field contains a value greater than 1, a dropdown box can be shown in the registration view where the user can select how many registrations should be created.
Enable waitlist Option to enable a waitlist for the event, if the max. amount of registrations is reached.
Enable unique email check for registration If set, email adresses of registrations are checked for uniqueness for the event.
Enable Payment If checked, a user registering for an event can select available payment options.
Restrict available payment methods If checked, the available payment methods for the event can be restricted
Selected payment methods Selected payment methods, if “Restrict available payment methods” is checked. Custom payment methods can be added. For documentation, please refer to the Payment section in the developers manual.
Notify admin When enabled, the administrator will receive an email for new event registrations (create/confirm)
Notify organisator When enabled, the organisator will receive an email for new event registrations (create/confirm). The email sent will use the same template as the admin email.


Contains all registrations for the event. Only visible, when registration is enabled.

Event record (Tab: registrations)
Field: Description:
Registrations A list of participants registered to the event.
Registrations on the waitlist A list of participants registered to the waitlist of the event. This option is only visible, when the waitlist feature is enabled for the event.