Caddy supports localisation in principle.

Localisation means for example:

  • You like to sell tickets supported by the the languages English and German.
  • You sell the same (!) Ticket independend of the language.

Localisation doesn’t mean:

  • You sell English and German tickets.

In these case you don’t need any localisation but both ticktes: a English and a German one.


If you like to use Caddy localised:

  • Your TYPO3 must be localised.
  • Your folder with your items is translated, has an “Alternative Page Language” record.
  • Your page with the Caddy form is localised, has an “Alternative Page Language” record.


Sample Workflow

Caddy takes the value from the default record, if

  • config.sys_language_mode is content_fallback and
  • the TCA property l10n_mode of a field is exclude

This means for example:

  • You have to maintain the price of your item in the default language record only.