Customers can subscribe to a newsletter while ordering an item.


  • Subscription will stored by a tt_address record.
  • Subscription category will stored by a sys_dmail_category record.



The powermail form must contain a checkbox for subscribing the newsletter.

Please add this field and call it “newsletter”. If you are using another marker, you must update the setup in the Constant Editor. See category: [CADDY - E-MAIL - SUBSCRIBE]

Folder for Subscribers

Please add a folder for storing the subscribers.

Add to this folder a sys_dmail_category.

Add to Page TSConfig

mod {
        web_list {
                allowedNewTables = sys_dmail_category, tt_address
TCAdefaults.tt_address {
        description = Inserted manually at
        module_sys_dmail_category = x   // <- x = Enter the id of your sys_dmail_category
        module_sys_dmail_html = 1
TCEFORM.tt_address.module_sys_dmail_category {
        PAGE_TSCONFIG_IDLIST = x        // <- x = Enter the page id of the current folder
        disabled = 0


Please add the include static template to the page of the Caddy:

  • Caddy [30] E-mail subscribe (tt_address)

Please setup in the Constant Editor the category [CADDY - E-MAIL - SUBSCRIBE]