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Attachments of an order like invoices and delivery orders will managed by FAL. Storage folders are now compatible with a TYPO3 multi-domain installation.

Attachments, which are saved with a Caddy version smaller 10.0 won’t displayed in the backend form of an order record from TYPO3 10.4.

More details at Setup > Storage Folder

Caddy mini


Plugin doesn’t support display mode any longer. Lost modes are:

  • Icon with amount of items only
  • Caddy mini with several items

Features: support ended


Caddy 10.0 doesn’t support any longer:

  • E-payment (provider paymill)
  • Individual sql statements
  • Variants

These feature is replaced:



Setup of sender e-mail is moved from caddy to powermail. See Setup > E-Mail

TYPO3-10.4: Compatibillity


Caddy is compatible with TYPO3 8.7 and 10.4.

TYPO3 10.4: EXT:browser > EXT:xblog


From TYPO3 10.4: If you use the caddy together with Quick Shop, you have to replace EXT:browser with EXT:xblog.

Please note the section Upgrades in the current Quick Shop manual.

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