DCE Expression Utility

In DCE you have several places where you can use Symfony Expressions, to define the output.


Everytime you can define a Symfony expression in DCE you have the following variables available:

  • dce (object)

  • contentObject (array)

  • All field variables you have defined

When you have e.g. a field with variable "title", you can simply enter title. Then the value of this field is used.

To concatenate multiple fields you can use the tilde sign (~) like this:

firstName ~ ' ' ~ lastName

When you want to add some custom strings (like the space between firstname and lastname), those have to be wrapped with single or double quotes.

The whole DCE object (dce) and the row of tt_content item (contentObject) are also available:

dce.getTitle() ~ ' ' ~ contentObject['uid']


Objects (like dce) and Arrays (like contentObject) got a different syntax to access sub-properties, as you can see in previous expression example.