DCE ViewHelper

Since DCE 2.6, DCE ships a DCE view helper, which allows you to fetch a DCE instance of content element by uid, in any Fluid template.

Because the DCE extension registred the global Fluid namespace "dce", you can instantly use the DceViewHelper, e.g. in your website Fluid template:

<dce:dce uid="123">

<dce:dce uid="123">

<dce:dce uid="456">
    {dce.get.lastName}, {dce.get.firstName}

Within the dce:dce view helper tag, you can

  • render the whole DCE (detailpage) template

  • or define an own template for this particular usage of the content element

The uid argument is mandatory.

Available variables

Inside of the DCE view helper you can access the following variables:

  • {dce}

  • {contentObject}

  • {fields} and {field}