Upgrading DCE

New version 3.0 of DCE and TYPO3 v12 contain various changes, which requires some manual adjustments.

DCE provides some upgrade wizards in install tool of TYPO3, which pop up when necessary.


Just change your requirements section to

"t3/dce": "^3.0"

and perform composer update.

Then go to TYPO3 Install Tool and check (and perform) the upgrade wizards and database compare!

Also, make sure you've deleted the DCE cache files (located in var/cache/code/cache_dce).

Templates in fileadmin

If you still use DCE templates located in fileadmin, loaded via FAL, you need to make manual adjustments.

The only way to load DCE template files, is using the EXT: syntax. For example:


Good to know

f:format.html without config

When you use f:format.html view helper in your templates (frontend or backend) you will get the error

Invoked ContentObjectRenderer::parseFunc without any configuration

According to the deprecation changelog, you can simply change f:format.html to f:format.raw.