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Say thanks!

This extension and manual has been created in endless hours, mostly by a single person. It is actively maintained to fit all supported TYPO3 versions, user interface concepts and best practice approaches.

If this extension helps you in anyway to achieve your requirements, please think about giving something back. Or you want to sponsor a feature to extend something that's already there? Then find some ideas to make me happy below - I'm looking forward to geting in contact with you!

Nice mails

Some nice words fit every time - just drop me some kind words by mail to make me happy :-)


While I'm addicted to e-mail - I still like it a lot to get something the old-school way. You could send me a postcard of where you live or work. Here's the full postal address to make sure it's delivered to my letter-box:

Georg Ringer
Hirschgasse 5
A-4020 Linz

Talk about it

If you like what I've built, then share it wherever it fits. Maybe this will help to spread the word and find others that can profit from it, too.

Amazon Wishlist

If you like to send me a small gift - feel free to choose from my Amazon Wishlist ( where I have collected some smaller and medium wishes that wait to be sponsored by someone :-)

Let's have a coffee

If you're in the region of Linz, just let me know. I'm always looking forward to meeting new and known faces and to exchange on several topics.

I am also attending meetings of the TYPO3 Usergroup Austria which can be found at


If you have too much of it and want to share parts of your money with me, just let me know and we'll find a way to organize that :-)


Well, basically almost everything you could imagine to make me a favor is appreciated. But, hold on, there are a few dont's...

Please don't:

  • send me anything to eat/drink
  • send me anything to wear
  • send me books that are not on my wishlist
  • show up without letting me know beforehand
  • call me on the phone if it's no emergency
  • talk bad on my projects to others - talk to me on how to improve it


This section is highly inspired by the website of Mario Rimann (, thanks ;)