Cherry-pick a patch

In order to test a patch or make additional changes on it, you will need to cherry-pick it from the review-system into your local git repository.


Make sure to always get the latest patch set of the current review. You can check this by looking at the Patch Sets menu left of the Download Button. The left and right numbers should always be the same, so you know you picked the latest patch set. You can also click on Go to latest patch set.

  1. Find the review on Gerrit

    see Find-a-review

  2. Select the latest patchset and click download

    ../_images/gerrit-go-to-latest-patchset.png ../_images/gerrit-download.png
  3. Click on copy next to the line for “Cherry pick”

    This copies the command to the clipboard.

  4. Clean up your local repository

    git reset --hard origin/master
    git pull
  5. Execute the command (git cherry-pick)

    In your shell, paste the copied command and execute it. Example:

    git fetch refs/changes/47/56947/11 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD
  6. Cleanup your TYPO3 installation

    Depending on the changes made by the patch, you may have to apply some changes to your TYPO3 installation: see Cleanup TYPO3 installation.