Setup the TYPO3 installation

git clone

Switch into your empty htdocs directory of choice and clone a fresh master of TYPO3:

git clone git:// .

Git GUIs

If you rather like to work with your favorite Git GUI, we compiled a list of the ones used throughout the core team here.

composer install

Run composer install in the same directory you cloned the master repository to. This may take several minutes:

# cd <cloned project>
composer install

yarn install

Go to the Build folder of your TYPO3 install root directory. Install all dependencies with yarn install. Wait for the the end of the install progress. Type yarn build for the build process.

cd Build
yarn install
yarn build
cd ..

yarn tasks

The following is a list of available build targets (see package.json for an up-to-date list). You will only be needing these if you want to do something specific. Usually, it should suffice to use yarn install and yarn build.

  • yarn build - Compile everything.
  • yarn build-css - Compile SCSS to CSS.
  • yarn lint - Test your SCSS and ts files.
  • yarn build-js - Compile JavaScript.
  • yarn format - Resolve Style issues.
  • yarn update - Update dependencies (Use this if you are really sure what you’re doing).

Setting up a Working TYPO3 Installation

You will now need to use your git clone to setup a working installation of TYPO3. There are many different ways how you can do this. We will provide a few examples in the Appendix: