Before you read on, let's just refresh the meaning of a few concepts mentioned on the next pages:


Short for TYPO3 Core Engine. Also referred to as "TCEmain". The corresponding class TYPO3\CMS\Core\DataHandling\DataHandler should ideally handle all updates to records made in the backend of TYPO3. The class will handle all the rules which may be applied to each table correctly. It will also handle logging, versioning, history and undo features, and copying, moving, deleting etc.

"list of"

Typically used like "list of field names". Whenever "list of" is used it means a list of strings separated by comma and with NO space between the values.

field name

The name of a field from a database table. Another word for the same is "column" but it is used more rarely, however the meaning is exactly the same.

record type

A record can have different types, determined by the value of a certain field in the record. This field is defined by the type property of the [ctrl] section. It affects which fields are displayed in backend form (see the "types" configuration). The record type can be considered as a switch in the interpretation of the whole record.

LLL reference

A localized string fetched from a locallang file by prefixing the string with LLL:.