Releases 11.5


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Release 11.5.5

This is a maintenance release for TYPO3 11.5 and the last release that supports Apache Solr 8.11. Next EXT:solr release for TYPO3 11.5 will be 11.6.0, it will contain support for Apache Solr 9 and some breaking improvements.

Note: This change requires the database schema update, due of database schema change from pull-request #3880

11.5.5 contains the following changes:

  • !!![BUGFIX:11.5] Exception with tx_solr_statistics after latest TYPO3 security update by @dkd-kaehm in #3880

Release 11.5.4

11.5.4 contains the following changes:

  • [TASK] Fix CI 2023.09.11 on release-11.5.x by @dkd-kaehm in #3777

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Fix EXT:solr route enhancer by @dkd-friedrich in #3743

  • [BUG] Fix detection of "draft records" in workspaces by @baschny in #3642

  • [BUGFIX] Do not index translations on default language in languages free mode by @dkd-kaehm in #3786

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Retry Uri Building after exception by @dkd-friedrich in #3789

  • [BUGFIX] Delete index documents without available site by @dkd-kaehm in #3778

  • [TASK:BP:11.5] Ensure recursive page update on page movement by @dkd-friedrich in #3771

  • [FEATURE:BP:11.5] Add index queue indices by @dkd-friedrich in #3791

  • [TASK:BP:11.5] Migrate top.fsMod by @dkd-friedrich in #3795

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Return value getPageItemChangedTime() must be of the type int by @dkd-kaehm in #3813

  • [TASK:BP:11.5] Remove duplicate withHeader() by @dkd-kaehm in #3817

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Do not list cores twice in Index Inspector by @dkd-kaehm in #3818

  • [BUGFIX] Fixes multiple sortings by @BastiLu in #3762

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Fix missing frontend.typoscript request attribute while indexing by @dkd-kaehm in #3822

  • [BUGFIX] Prevent indexing error on missing 'foreignLabelField' by @kitzberger in #3740

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Force score to float by @dkd-kaehm in #3824

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Fix possible notice by @dkd-kaehm in #3825

  • [DOC:BP:11.5] Add FAQ how to generate URLs to restricted pages by @dkd-kaehm in #3826

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Handle float values in options facet parser by @dkd-kaehm in #3827

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] handle localizations with un-available tsfe more gracefully by @dkd-kaehm in #3832

  • [TASK] Update the version matrix by @dkd-friedrich in #3860

Release 11.5.3

This is a maintenance release for TYPO3 11.5, containing:

  • [BUGFIX] make CE search form in backend editable again by @rr-it in #3626

  • [DOC] Fix wrong type for boostQuery in the docs and example by @dkd-kaehm in #3e7ff72

  • [TASK] Fix unit tests for 2023.06.07 by @dkd-kaehm in #3695

Release 11.5.2

This is a maintenance release for TYPO3 11.5, containing:

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Fix error when indexing pages with field processing instruction categoryUidToHierarchy by @dkd-kaehm in #3462

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Custom doktype is deleted from Solr after saving with custom queue configuration by @dkd-friedrich in #3468

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Don't use minimum-stability dev on TYPO3 stable in build/CI by @dkd-kaehm in #3464

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Fix value resolution in SOLR_RELATION by @dkd-friedrich in #3484

  • [FEATURE:P:11.5] Add new option manualSortOrderDelimiter for facets by @dkd-kaehm in #3494

  • [BUGFIX:P:11.5] Casting after check by @dkd-kaehm in #3495

  • [TASK] Docker version check on docker image build by @dkd-kaehm in #3525

  • [BUGFIX:P:11.5] Use ConfigurationManager to get typscript in plugin FlexForm by @dkd-kaehm in #3496

  • [BUGFIX:P:11.5] Exception on search plugin if no Solr connection is configured by @dkd-kaehm in #3498

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Fix handling of non existing pages on deletions by @dkd-friedrich in #3520

  • [TASK:BP:11] Verify the record before accessing the pid by @3l73 in #3537

  • [TASK:BP:11.5] Handle Solr connection exception by @dkd-friedrich in #3542

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Fix Solr response handling during indexing by @dkd-friedrich in #3544

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Use plugin namespace as label for flexforms by @dkd-friedrich in #3552

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Respect indexingPriority in QueueItemRepository by @dkd-friedrich in #3556

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] add empty string as fallback by @dkd-friedrich in #3559

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] use siteLanguage TypoScript object to get language id by @dkd-friedrich in #3554

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Sanitize frequent and last searches output by @dkd-friedrich in #3591

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] changed from always picking the 0 array value to pic… by @dkd-friedrich in #3593

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Avoid getSolrConfiguration() on null by @dkd-friedrich in #3599

  • [TASK:BP:11.5] Disable sql handler by @dkd-friedrich in #3603

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Avoid PHP 8 warning when page indexing fails by @dkd-friedrich in #3609

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Ensure record exists before asserting if draft by @dkd-friedrich in #3610

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Fix usage of null coalescing operator by @dkd-friedrich in #3611

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] return empty string for renderStatic if there is no content … by @dkd-friedrich in #3612

Release 11.5.1

We are happy to publish EXT:solr 11.5.1 maintenance release

New in this release

  • [BUGFIX] Do not include removed strptime() by @dkd-kaehm in #3335

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Do not handle page updates on new page with uid 0 by @rr-it in #3344

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Shortcircuit work in SolrRoutingMiddleware by @christophlehmann in #3341

  • !!![TASK] Use preAddModifyDocuments hook for pages by @christophlehmann in #3076

  • [BUGFIX] Fix array key access in ext_getSetup (Backport 11.5) by @saitho in #3361

  • [TASK:BP:11.5] Indexing configuration icon fallback by @dkd-friedrich in #3371

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Do not index missing fields by @dkd-friedrich in #3372

  • [TASK:BP:11.5] Introduce index queue type setting by @dkd-friedrich in #3370

  • [TASK:BP:11.5] Do not index language with unconfigured core by @christophlehmann in #3373

  • [BUGFIX] Make API eID script compatible with TYPO3 v11.5 by @peterkraume in #3350

  • [BUGFIX] Type-hinting for SiteUtility::getConnectionProperty() by @dkd-kaehm in #3396

  • [TASK:BP:11.5] Introduce generic EXT:solr exception by @dkd-friedrich in #3422

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Fix frontend Solr connection initialization by @dkd-friedrich in #3425

  • [ACTIONS:2022.12.22] Use fixed typo3/coding-standards 0.6.x < 0.7.0 for TYPO3 11.5 by @dkd-kaehm in #3429

  • [TASK:Security] Update jQuery and its plugin libs by @dkd-kaehm in #3428

  • [BUGFIX:P:11.5] Proper check for config.index_enable by @georgringer in #3433

  • [BUGFIX:P:11.5] Typecast $timestamp to int in TimestampToUtcIsoDate by @derhansen in #3434

  • [BUGFIX:P:11.5] prevent undefined array key warning if filter is empty by @achimfritz in #3435

  • [FEATURE] Add signal before search in resultsAction by @stat1x in #3392

  • [BUGFIX] Fix php warning undefined array key no_search_sub_entries by @DrWh0286 in #3381

Please read the release notes:

Release 11.5.0

We are happy to release EXT:solr 11.5.0. The focus of this release has been on TYPO3 11 LTS compatibility.

#standwithukraine #nowar


This version is installable with TYPO3 11 LTS on v11.5.14+ only and contains some breaking changes, see details below.

New in this release

Support of TYPO3 11 LTS

With EXT:solr 11.5 we provide the support of TYPO3 11 LTS.

Please note that we require at least TYPO3 11.5.14, as this version contains some change concerning the usage of local TypoScriptFrontendController objects that are solving some issues during indexing.

Bootstrap 5.1

The default templates provided by EXT:solr were adapted for Bootstrap 5.1.

The templates are also prepared to display some icons with Bootstrap Icons, but the usage is optional and the icons are no longer provided with EXT:solr as the former Glyphicons were.

Custom field processors

fieldProcessingInstructions can be used for processing values during indexing, e.g. timestampToIsoDate or uppercase. Now you can register and use your own field processors via: $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['solr']['fieldProcessor']['yourFieldProcessor'] = ACustomFieldProcessor::class;

Custom processors have to implement interface ApacheSolrForTypo3SolrFieldProcessorFieldProcessor.

N-Gram Filter for strings

Provides a new field type and dynamic fields for strings with enabled Edge-N-Gram filter.

Now the following fields can be used: - *_stringEdgeNgramS - *_stringEdgeNgramM

Improve and Fix TSFE Initialization

The initialization of TSFE within indexing and Backends modules contexts is refactored.

In this change the setting and usage of $GLOBALS['TSFE'] is removed and replaced by TYPO3s Core Context API. The "Context" is always cloned instead of using its singleton instance. The "Context", "Language", "TSFE" and "ServerRequest", which are required for TypoScript parsing in BE-modules and indexing contexts, are highly isolated/capsuled and not visible anymore for all things not belonging to EXT:solr internals.

Byside of isolation/encapsulation of TSFE, the language handling is restored to pure and default EXT:solr "fallback" mode approach. So all page records, which are involved in indexing(All page types and above all all with sys_template or records-to-index), must be translated. Otherwise the translation records will be indexed in default language.

Note: Since TYPO3 11 LTS does not allow to instantiate TSFE for sys folders and spacer,

the initialization of TSFE will be done for first and closest page(not spacer or folder) within the site rootline.

Get "free content mode" working

In previous releases of EXT:solr the language handling for "free-content-mode" inconsistent. The behavior of "free-content-mode" related records varied in RecordMonitor, Initializing and Indexing contexts, which was the source of troubles for mixing overlay records in wrong cores/languages.

This change brings the RecordMonitor, Initializing and Indexing contexts for "free-content-mode" related records into the same line, so the "free-content-mode" records are processed the same way.

Make pageRangeFirst and pageRangeLast accessible in fluid

With these two additional getters it is possible to access the variables in fluid templates. See: #3254

Add custom field processors

Custom field processors can be registered with

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['solr']['fieldProcessor']['yourFieldProcessor'] = ACustomFieldProcessor::class;

And many more

Please see the list of changes below or the full changelog:.

The list of all changes:

  • [TASK] Prepare schemas for EXT:solr 11.5.x c0a3e6205

  • [TASK] Provide N-Gram Filter for strings 13b90a996

  • [TASK] composer branch aliases ebfee76bb

  • [BUGFIX] Recursive constants 8af25d03f

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Follow up to recursive constants a57960763

  • [TASK] Migrate TYPO3#88366 deprecated cache_ prefix on caches a8f111592

  • [BUGFIX] Filter within route enhancers b6d77ee52

  • [BUGFIX] Fix NON-Composer mod libs composer.json for composer v2 e9ec5c11c

  • [TASK] Setup Dependabot to watch "solarium/solarium" dfc99f4b0

  • [TASK] Setup Github Actions :: Basics ceb892408

  • [TASK] Bump to and test against TYPO3 ^11.5 e7eeb2b3d

  • [TASK] Bump solarium to 6.1.4, which supports PHP 8.0 e56c32436

  • [TASK] Bump nimut/testing-framework to v. 6.0, which supports PHP 8.0 e5353ab3c

  • [FIX] Fix GH actions on branches push event 85e413d39

  • [BUGFIX:P:11.5] Don't use jQuery.ajaxSetup() 6714590a8

  • [TASK] Restructure version matrix 9535750f4

  • [Bugfix:BP:11-5] routeenhancer with empty filters 578e0153b

  • [TASK:11.5] Replace mirrors for Apache Solr binaries on 7f998d221

  • [TASK] Make TYPO3 11 LTS compatible : Backend Modules Templates 871c5b00f

  • [TASK] Make TYPO3 11 LTS compatible : rector run 7e104a499

  • Make TYPO3 11 LTS compatible : TSFE initialization : record indexing 66f512b12

  • [TASK] Make collapse work in BE 800384e48

  • [TASK] Style index fields tab in info module 8f9a0ce9d

  • [TASK] Fix loading Chart module 8fd1182ac

  • [TASK] Adapt namespaces f1f5521b9

  • !!! [TASK] Switch to hook contentPostProc-cached of TypoScriptFrontendController e1c8c3afc

  • [TASK] Apply rectors 0e6bf902e

  • [BUGFIX] Enforce visibility context in Tsfe d50947375

  • [TASK] Fix scrutinizer for EXT:Solr 11.5 43dcbd43f

  • [TASK-11.5C] Fix - "Unit" Tests : Remove usages of UriBuilder::setUseCacheHash() d71ec451c

  • [TASK-11.5C] Fix - "Unit" Tests 5e047c520

  • [TASK-11.5C] Fix - "Unit" Tests : PHP 8.0 6023d78d7

  • [TASK] Let PHP 8.0 Job allow to fail temporarily d36c22e3e

  • TBD!!! [TASK-11.5C] Fix - "Integration" Tests 4005e974b

  • !!![TASK] Improve and Fix TSFE Initialization a246cb8e3

  • [TASK] Refactor IntegrationTest base class : auto import root pages d14b82ec5

  • [TASK] Refactor Integration tests : SiteHashServiceTest 280271d04

  • [TASK] Refactor Integration tests : ResultSetReconstitutionProcessorTest 1317a2792

  • [TASK] Refactor Integration tests : IndexerTest f87a5f5d7

  • [TASK] Refactor Integration tests : IndexerTest additionalPageIds 723ccea67

  • [TASK] Refactor Integration tests : IndexerTest "hide default language" 1538c61dc

  • [TASK] Refactor Integration tests : IndexerTest "Relation (MM) translation overlays" 82bfe55d4

  • [TASK] Reactivate tests for indexing records without L parameter 66afd4f59

  • [TASK] Refactor Integration tests : Schrink fixtures 25cf5b911

  • [BUGFIX] Remove hidden translated record in index 1b7642115

  • [FEATURE] Get "free content mode" working 0986a24c9

  • [BUGFIX] TypoScript configuration for "Hide default language" sites ddcbc3bb6

  • [TASK] Refactor pagination bb42410af

  • [TASK] Fix indentation, add more documentation 56922bdb4

  • [TASK] Fix Index-Queue module: "Clear Index Queue" functionality 1307974e9

  • [TASK] Disable temporary testing against TYPO3 < v11.5.4 9faf73fb6

  • [TASK] Refactor LastSearches and FrequentlySearched widgets b3a9fef4c

  • [TASK] Allow to publish (-PRE)-(ALPHA|BETA|RC) releases to TYPO3 TER 5cb71c168

  • [FIX] Allow to edit pages outside of site root 6c8801154

  • [FIX] Allow to mark pages as site root 09009909b

  • [FIX] Don't auto select first configured Solr site if non configured exists 352998671

  • [FIX] Can't create SchedulerTask 05ae55ec7

  • [TASK] Add Czech translation a3805b287

  • [Bugfix] Prevent unwanted filter parameters from being generated 3e156981d

  • !!![TASK] Refactor Site stack 5120a68b7

  • !!![FIX] Index Queue initialization is not robust enought bc7133237

  • [FIX] TypoScript in Tsfe::initializeTsfe() parsed twice aafc18de3

  • [FIX] Integration tests on release-11.5.x 210a64a88

  • [TASK] Upgrade to Apache Solr 8.11.1 b3ab72de1

  • [BUGFIX] Catch Throwables instead Exceptions a2988d2ff

  • [FEATURE] Fix #3143: improve variant handling by sorting user groups e38785eb8

  • [BUGFIX] Fix #3145: exception in scheduler with php 8 75b1237e0

  • [BUGFIX] Fix #3141: TypeError in TranslateViewHelper bc12bfafd

  • [BUGFIX] Fix autosuggest with non-ascii terms 6687bcd4f

  • Allow to generate indexing error log from throwable 4abdba3f3

  • [FIX] Can't index pages which require a user session 2e35a8c05

  • [CLEANUP] Remove unused "Initialize Solr connections" code bc03310cc

  • [TASK] Make FE/Search tests working 14c45a210

  • [TASK] Remove IntegrationTest::importDumpFromFixture() method b7e4c6f59

  • [TASK] make scrutinizer ocular working on PHP 8+ e58050fb4

  • [FIX] Call to undefined method ResponseFactory::createJsonResponse() 6b65feccb

  • [TASK] Fix Scrutinizer issues d40bcd67a

  • [BUGFIX] Prevent some "undefined array key" warnings with php 8 5a4ef9038

  • [BUGFIX] TER releases missing composer dependencies be3eafc0d

  • [TASK] unite all intgeration tests in same suite a227fe7f9

  • [TASK] Test TYPO3 11+ with PHP 8.1 as well 4be1ccc5f

  • [TASK:11.5] Upgrade solarium/solarium to 6.6.2 efe7c5614

  • [WIP] PHP 8.1 compatibility 15c1221e5

  • [BUGFIX] Fix notice in TranslateViewHelper 3b91901e6

  • [TASK] Avoid different Solarium versions in non- and composer modes 4091c6261

  • [P:11.5:FEATURE] Improve data update handling 6561e3585

  • [TASK] Add proper annotations on GH actions job failures. f145285e2

  • [TASK] Migrate to PhpUnit 9+ Api and cleanup the obsolete method mocks cc8cc7885

  • [BUGFIX] Fix write connection 9a16a743d

  • [BUGFIX] core optimization module PHP 8.1 compatibility c81407540

  • [TASK] Remove not used strptime() adaption for windows. ad5c03932

  • [BUGFIX] Ensure BE_USER is kept when initializing TSFE c7c0ba8ad

  • [TASK:11.5] Minimal changes to Templates to make Bootstrap 5.1 working d5940d393

  • [TASK] Standardize *.php files header declaration 514717864

  • [TASK] Use and apply TYPO3 coding standards, rector and type hinting 61076e3ed

  • [BUGFIX] Skip rootline check in be for records stored at pid 0 6800394c0

  • [BUGFIX] Prevent "undefined array key" warnings with php 8 in page indexer d4afa18d1

  • FIX: Argument 1 passed to ApacheSolrForTypo3SolrTaskAbstractSolrTask::setRootPageId() must be of the type int, string given 2858e45aa

  • Added info about the virtual field __solr_contents 8002707ed

  • Added info about using page content in fields 85741400b

  • FIX: Argument 1 passed to ApacheSolrForTypo3SolrSystemUrlUrlHelper::setPort() must be of the type int, string given 9afe701ad

  • [TASK] Bootstrap 5.1 adaptions 0d6f62a30

  • [CLEANUP] Delete obsolete TypoScript example ConnectionFromConfVars cb5b5284a

  • [BUGFIX] Ensure proper items per page setting 84d70b1f1

  • [BUGFIX:11.5] Access restricted pages can not be indexed on TYPO3 11.5 74d316358

  • [BUGFUX] Fix #3221: exception in page browser 094e70fa6

  • [TASK] Follow-up changes by EXT:solrfal for TYPO3 11.5 41ac7ffd5

  • [TASK] Supress warnings of strftime fbf20c41d

  • [TASK] Remove unnecessary bootstrap_package 1582b646f

  • [TASK] Reenable skipped test of SearchControllerTest 1e0be7a51

  • [BUGFIX] Fix feuser initialisation in BE context 3ea33b4f8

  • [TASK] Improve error handling in index queue module cb0292d6f

  • [BUGFIX] Add type cast to TaskProviders ab070482e

  • [BUGFIX] Missing dot in configuration in numberOfResultsPerGroup method 59a49ba41

  • [DOCS] Align with other extensions (#3218) 9b4a1153b

  • [DOCS] Align with new TYPO3 documentation standards (#3242) ec66f49e5

  • [TASK] Prevent type errors 061ef243a

  • [TASK] Allow SearchResultSetService instantiation via makeInstance b15f2444e

  • [TASK] Move ObjectManager to constructor in AbstractFacet 35405f349

  • [FEATURE] Make pageRangeFirst and pageRangeLast accessible in fluid 31ba843a1

  • [BUGFIX] Fix return type error for option facet 002661140

  • [BUGFIX] change detection of free mode records eb87e83ba

  • [BUGFIX] Avoid yoda-style conditions in PHP 48e52dbd0

  • [TASK] Sync with new TYPO3 coding standards b15838961

  • [TASK] Sync with EXT:solrfluidgrouping for TYPO3 11.5 1ef155471

  • Update GarbageCollector.php eab5887f1

  • [BUGFIX] AbstractSolrTask::setRootPageId(): Argument #1 () must be of type int, string given 506b540e4

  • Silence DebugWriter for PageIndexerRequest 56203dfa0

  • [BUGFIX] Undefined array key in ..DomainSiteSite:L130 8e1d5ed0e

  • [BUGFIX] Fix PSR-4 Namesppaces and Paths 49a797884

  • [BUGFIX] Ensure array value is set when accessing 3fa4ff496

  • [BUGFIX:11.5] Frequent Searches plugin does not work 49b32a195

  • [BUGFIX] Class properties must not be accessed before initialization 5a9556488

  • [BUGFIX] Respect indexing configuration for new and updated subpages 6196913be

  • [BUGFIX:BP:11.5] Empty suggest query triggers a PHP error f564a31b9

  • [TASK:BP:11.5] Adjust typo3/coding-standards settings c0b0e1a6f

  • [DOCS:BP:11.5] add missing doc for plugin.tx_solr.logging.indexing.pageIndexed e309f0f9f

  • [TASK:BP:11.5] Require TYPO3 11.5.14 b698f86e9

  • [TASK:BP:11.5] Adapt column arrangement within sites config bd628be99

  • [FEATURE:BP:11.5] Add custom field processors 173c7a5d4

  • [TASK:11.5] Fix TYPO3 coding standards issues after upgrade to v0.5.5 55830f209

  • Ensure keywords string does not exceed database field length 9f2c81768

  • [BUG] make sure that $currentPageNumber in resultsAction is always >= 1 (#3324) be8cc90b6

  • [FEATURE] add logging for failed http requests f9edd8bc4

  • [BUGFIX] fix infinite loop in Tsfe::getPidToUseForTsfeInitialization() 3a2b8d0e8


Like always this release would not have been possible without the help from our awesome community. Here are the contributors to this release.

(patches, comments, bug reports, reviews, ... in alphabetical order)

  • Achim Fritz

  • Andreas Beutel

  • Andreas Kießling

  • ayacoo

  • Christoph Lehmann

  • Christopher Schnell

  • Daniel Koether

  • dev-rke

  • Dmitry Dulepov

  • dsone

  • FearFreddy

  • Georg Ringer

  • garfieldius

  • Guido Schmechel

  • Henrik Elsner

  • Jan Delius

  • Jens Jacobsen

  • Lars Tode

  • leslawp

  • Marc Bastian Heinrichs

  • Mario Lubenka

  • Marcus Balasch

  • Marcus Schwemer

  • Markus Friedrich

  • Markus Kobligk

  • Michael Kettel

  • Michael Wagner

  • Michiel Roos

  • Nicola Widmer

  • Pascal Hofmair

  • Peter, CyberForum e.V

  • Peter Kraume

  • Philipp Kitzberger

  • Rafael Kähm

  • René Maas

  • Rudy Gnodde

  • rr-it

  • Sascha Egerer

  • Sebastian Hofer

  • Sebastian Michaelsen

  • Soren Malling

  • stat1x

  • Stefan Frömken

  • Stefano Kowalke

  • twojtylak

  • Thomas Löffler

  • Tobias Kretschmann

  • Tobias Schmidt

  • Torben Hansen

Also a big thank you to our partners who have already concluded one of our new development participation packages such as Apache Solr EB for TYPO3 11 LTS (Feature), Apache Solr EB for TYPO3 10 LTS (Maintenance) or Apache Solr EB for TYPO3 9 ELTS (Extended):

  • .hausformat GmbH

  • ACO Ahlmann SE & Co. KG

  • AgenturWebfox GmbH

  • Amedick & Sommer Neue Medien GmbH

  • avenit AG

  • b13 GmbH

  • Bytebetrieb GmbH & Co. KG

  • Cobytes B.V.

  • Connetation Web Engineering GmbH

  • cosmoblonde GmbH

  • creativ clicks GmbH

  • cyperfection GmbH

  • DVT - Daten-Verarbeitung-Tirol GmbH

  • Earlybird GmbH & Co KG

  • elancer-team GmbH

  • eulenblick Kommunikation und Werbung

  • FONDA GmbH

  • GFE Media GmbH

  • graphodata GmbH

  • Hirsch & Wölfl GmbH

  • Hochschule Niederrhein

  • i-fabrik GmbH

  • in2code GmbH

  • internezzo ag

  • Intersim AG

  • IW Medien GmbH

  • Jochen Weiland

  • Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Rheinland-Pfalz

  • Kreis Euskirchen

  • Landeskriminalamt Thüringen

  • L.N. Schaffrath DigitalMedien GmbH

  • Leitgab Gernot


  • Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH

  • mde GmbH


  • mehrwert intermediale kommunikation GmbH

  • Neue Medien GmbH

  • NEW.EGO GmbH

  • novotegra GmbH

  • Overlap GmbH & Co KG

  • Pädagogische Hochschule Karlsruhe


  • ProPotsdam GmbH

  • Proud Nerds

  • Provitex GmbH

  • queo GmbH

  • Qué

  • rms. relationship marketing solutions GmbH

  • Sandstein Neue Medien GmbH

  • Schoene neue kinder GmbH

  • seam media group gmbh


  • Snowflake Productions GmbH

  • SOS Software Service GmbH

  • Stämpfli AG

  • Studio 9 GmbH


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  • Typoheads GmbH


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How to Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Apache Solr for TYPO3:

  • Submit bug reports and feature requests on GitHub

  • Ask or help or answer questions in our Slack channel

  • Provide patches through Pull Request or review and comment on existing Pull Requests

  • Go to or call dkd to sponsor the ongoing development of Apache Solr for TYPO3

Support us by becoming an EB partner:

or call:

+49 (0)69 - 2475218 0