Deprecation: #93149 - T3Editor JavaScript module replaced by CodeMirrorElement

See forge#93149


The T3Editor - that offers code editing capabilities for TCA renderType=t3editor fields - has been refactored into a custom HTML element <typo3-t3editor-codemirror>. The element is provided by the new JavaScript module js:TYPO3/CMS/T3editor/Element/CodeMirrorElement.


Using <textarea class="t3editor">..</textarea> will work as before. The new custom element will automatically be used, but a deprecating warning will be logged to the browser console.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations that use the T3Editor library in custom extensions, which is very unlikely.


Use the new TYPO3/CMS/T3editor/Element/CodeMirrorElement module and adapt your markup to read:

<typo3-t3editor-codemirror mode="..." addons="[..]" options="{..}">
    <textarea name="foo">..</textarea>

Please make sure to drop the t3editor class from the textarea.