Feature: #94218 - Selectable columns per table in record list

See forge#94218


The Record List (commonly known from the list module) previously allowed to select specific columns for a table at the bottom of the module via the so-called "field selector".

This approach had several drawbacks:

  • UX-wise the selection was not directly visible for users, as the component was separated at the module page at the bottom

  • Only possible to select fields explicitly in the "single-table view"

Instead, this feature - the column selector - is now available at all times in the title row of each table, regardless of the single-table-view, making it much more appealing and prominent to use for editors.

This feature is active by default, and can be disabled via UserTSconfig per table or completely for a specific user or usergroup.

Use cases / examples via UserTSconfig:

# disable the column selector for tt_content
mod.web_list.table.tt_content.displayColumnSelector = 0

# disable the column selector completely
mod.web_list.displayColumnSelector = 0

# Disable the column selector everywhere except for a specific table
mod.web_list.displayColumnSelector = 0
mod.web_list.table.sys_category.displayColumnSelector = 1


The field selector at the bottom is not available anymore, it has been replaced by a dropdown selector at the top of each table.