Breaking: #101305 - Introduce type declarations for some methods in GeneralUtility

See forge#101305, forge#101453


Native return and param type declarations have been introduced for the following methods of \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\GeneralUtility:

  • cmpFQDN

  • cmpIP

  • cmpIPv4

  • cmpIPv6

  • explodeUrl2Array

  • getUrl

  • implodeArrayForUrl

  • intExplode

  • isOnCurrentHost

  • isValidUrl

  • locationHeaderUrl

  • normalizeIPv6

  • revExplode

  • sanitizeLocalUrl

  • trimExplode

  • validEmail

  • validIP

  • validIPv4

  • validIPv6

  • validPathStr


Calling any of the mentioned methods with invalid types will result in a PHP error.

Affected installations

Only those installations that use the mentioned methods with invalid types.


Make sure to pass parameters of the required types to the mentioned methods.