Breaking: #67890 - Redesign FluidTemplateDataProcessorInterface to DataProcessorInterface

See forge#67890


The FluidTemplateDataProcessorInterface introduced with #66907 has been refactored to DataProcessorInterface.

This decouples it from the Fluid StandaloneView and makes the ContentObjectRenderer available in the process method so the different DataProcessor classes do no have to initiate it on their own. Instead of manipulating the $data property of the ContentObjectRenderer a new key/value store can be filled/manipulated by the different dataProcessor classes.

The new interface expects the following process() method:

 * Process content object data
 * @param ContentObjectRenderer $cObj The data of the content element or page
 * @param array $processorConfiguration The configuration of this processor
 * @param array $contentObjectConfiguration The configuration of Content Object
 * @param array $processedData Key/value store of processed data (e.g. to be passed to a Fluid View)
 * @return array the processed data as key/value store
public function process(
	ContentObjectRenderer $cObj,
	array $contentObjectConfiguration,
	array $processorConfiguration,
	array $processedData


This will break all frontend rendering for TYPO3 7.3 installations that use FLUIDTEMPLATE .dataProcessing.

Affected Installations

All TYPO3 7.3 installations that already use the new FLUIDTEMPLATE .dataProcessing option.


Change the interface of all DataProcessor classes from FluidTemplateDataProcessorInterface to the new DataProcessorInterface and adjust the process() method to match the new parameters and make sure it returns the processed data as the processed data.