Extension Settings

Available Settings

The following settings can be configured in the admin backend module "settings", Extension Configuration.

  • disablePlugin (boolean): Disables the plugin in the frontend if set to 1.

  • revisionVersion (integer): Used for consent revision. If changed, all users will need to opt-in again.

  • cookieExpiration (integer): Specifies the number of days before the cookie expires. The default value is 365 days (one year).

  • cookiePath (string): Specifies the path where the cookie will be set. The default value is /.

  • scanApiKey (string): Used for authorization/scan API (optional). Authorization on the API side is required to upgrade scan limits on request.

  • endPoint (string): Specifies the endpoint for the scan API (optional). The default value is https://cookieapi.coding-freaks.com/api.

  • trackingEnabled (boolean): Enables cookie consent tracking. If active, the first action of the visitor in the consent modal is tracked before any external JavaScript is loaded.

  • trackingObfuscate (boolean): Obfuscates the tracking data. If set to 1, the tracking js is obfuscated before it is sent to the browser. (uses javascript eval function)

  • hideFromBots (boolean): If set to 1, the cookie plugin will not run when a bot/crawler/webdriver is detected.

Script Blocking:
  • scriptBlocking (boolean): Blocks third-party scripts and iframes. Only unregistered scripts/iframes are not loaded if the user has not given consent.

(Feature): The loading of content such as iframes and scripts from third-party sources, can be Disabled by adding a Data Atribute to the Script or Iframe (data-script-blocking-disabled="true")

  • CF_CONSENTMODAL_TEMPLATE (string): Specifies the path to the consent modal template in the extension.

  • CF_SETTINGSMODAL_TEMPLATE (string): Specifies the path to the settings modal template in the extension.

  • CF_SETTINGSMODAL_CATEGORY_TEMPLATE (string): Specifies the path to the settings modal category item template in the extension.

Note that these settings are provided as an example and may vary depending on the version of the extension you are using.