EventDispatcher (PSR-14 Events)

Register ClassifyContent Event Listener

  1. Open your Services.yaml or Services.php file from your Extension.

  2. Add the following code snippet to register the ClassifyContent event listener:

    - name: event.listener

Handling the 'ClassifyContentEvent'

The ClassifyContent event listener handles the ClassifyContentEvent and performs custom logic.

  1. Create a new PHP class in your TYPO3 extension, e.g., EXT:your_sitepackage/Classes/EventListner/ClassifyContent.php.

  1. Implement the __invoke method in the class, which will handle the event. The method should accept a ClassifyContentEvent object as a parameter.

namespace YourVendor\YourSitepackage\EventListner;

use CodingFreaks\CfCookiemanager\Event\ClassifyContentEvent;
use TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Utility\DebuggerUtility;

class ClassifyContent
     * Handle the ClassifyContentEvent, handle the provider URL and set the service identifier.
     * @param ClassifyContentEvent $event The ClassifyContentEvent object
    public function __invoke(ClassifyContentEvent $event): void
        // Custom logic goes here

        // Example: Dump a debug message
        // DebuggerUtility::var_dump("SitePackage invoke");

        // Example: Access the provider URL
        // DebuggerUtility::var_dump($event->getProviderURL());

        // Example: Set the service identifier
        // $event->setServiceIdentifier("TESTServiceIdentifier");


Please note that you need to replace: YourVendorYourSitepackagewith the correct namespaces for your extension.