Environment Tools

Examples of runTests.sh

- Install a TYPO3 11 with PHP 7.4:
 ./Build/Scripts/runTests.sh -s composerInstall -p 7.4 -t 11

- Install a TYPO3 12 with PHP 8.1:
 ./Build/Scripts/runTests.sh -s composerInstall -p 8.1 -t 12

-  Unit-Tests with PHP 7.4:
 ./Build/Scripts/runTests.sh -s unit

-  Functional-Tests with PHP 8.1:
 ./Build/Scripts/runTests.sh -s unit -p 8.1

- Run acceptance Tests with PHP 8.1 for TYPO3 12:
 ./Build/Scripts/runTests.sh -s acceptance -p 8.1 -t 12

Development Environment

You can use the Acceptance Tests docker-compose file to setup a development environment for quick testing.

cd Build/testing-docker folder and run: docker-compose run acceptance_test This Launches a container with your runTests.sh install parameters and Setup a basic Frontend and Backend.

Add the following to your /etc/hosts file: web

Frontend is available at: http://web/typo3temp/var/tests/acceptance/