Include the SAV Library Kickstarter static template.

Generation of the Entity Relationship Diagram

The Sav Library Kickstarter can generate Entity Relationship Diagrams in Graphviz DOT language.


Graphviz must be installed on your server if you use this option.

In Documentation section of the SAV Library Kickstarter, check Add Entity Relationship Diagram:.


The Entity Relationship Diagram will be added to the documentation when the extension is regenerated.


Generation of Local Documentation

The Sav Library Kickstarter can generate local documentation for your extensions by means of docker-compose (see also Documentation Configuration for details about the configuration of the documentation generation).


docker-compose must be installed to use this feature. See the section Rendering the documentation with Docker Compose for details.


For Basic type extension, the generated documentation contains only basic sections:

  • Introduction,

  • Entity Relationship Diagram, if enabled,

  • Changelog.

Since the Table of Contents is always regenerated, if you add your own sections to the documentation, add the file Documentation/TableOfContents.txt to your extension in the convention format for the table of contents.

For example, the extension SAV Charts was generated by SAV Library Kickstarter as a Basic type extension. It has its specific sections for the documentation. In order to have the table of contents correctly regenerated, the following content was added in the file Documentation/TableOfContents.txt.


This feature is enabled using the Extension configuration item in the ADMIN TOOLS -> Settings menu. Click on Configure extensions, choose sav_library_kickstarter, then check Generate local documentation with docker-compose and save the configuration.


Once enabled a new icon is displayed in the Kickstarter Extension List in front of extensions which have a documentation.


Click on the icons to generate the local documentation. New icons are shown, click on them to display the documentation.


If errors are detected during the generation a special icon is displayed. Click on this icon to open the error file.