Documentation Configuration

This item opens the form used to generate the documentation of the extension.



Click on the icons at the right hand side of Documentation Configuration:

  • to access to this section of the documentation.

  • to save the configuration

  • to generate the extension.

  • Documentation title: title which will be shown in the documenation.

  • GitHub Repository: GitHub repository if any.

  • GitHub Branch: GitHub branch if any.

  • Project Contact: contact for this project.

  • Project Discussion: URL of the project discussion, if any.

  • Project Home: URL of the project home, if any.

  • Project Issues: URL of the project issues, if any.

  • Project Repository: URL of the project repository, if any.

  • Inter Sphinx Mapping: use this field to define tags for references to other documents. In the extension sav_library_example0 a tag to the SAV Library Kickstarter is defined as follows.

    savlibrarykickstarter =

    This tag is used in the introduction section as follows.

    ... read the :ref:`SAV Library Kickstarter tutorial section <savlibrarykickstarter:tutorial>`
  • Extensions: extensions that will be added in the Settings.cfg file.

  • Keep Settings.cfg file: set this option if you manually modify the Settings.cfg file. It will prevent the SAV Library Kickstarter to rebuild it.

  • Add docker-compose.yml file: set this option if you want to generate the documentation on your server using docker-compose from your extension directory.

    docker-compose run --rm t3docmake

    The docker-compose.yml is such that the documentation will be generated in the directory typo3conf/Documentation of your server.

  • Add Entity Relationship Diagram: set this option if you want to generate the Entity Relationship Diagram. The Entity Relationship Diagram is generated by in Graphviz DOT language.

  • Add Form and Table Configuration (only for SAV Library Plus):: set this option if you want to generate a full documentation of the configuration of the forms and tables used in your extension for SAV Library Plus.

The following figure shows the Entity Relationship Diagram for the extension sav_library_example2. As it can be seen on the left hand side menu, the documentation includes the form and the tables used in the extension.