What Does it Do?

The SAV Library Kickstarter is a code generator, developed with extbase and fluid, to produce Frontend plugins.

Basic Code Generation

This feature can be used to kickstart extensions based on fluid and extbase.

Code Generation for the SAV Library Plus

The SAV Library Plus Extension is stable since many years. It makes it possible to develop extensions without any PHP coding, thanks to simple configuration parameters. The SAV Library Plus extension relies on a conventional approach for the queries but uses fluid for the rendering of views.

The concept used in the SAV Library Plus relies on forms. A form is a way of presenting data. It includes List view, Single view or Edit views of the data. An extension may contain several forms. The generator handles also special views like print views or update views. Data presentation may differ from one view to another. A query is associated with each form. Therefore, when several forms are used in an extension, data may be different.

The SAV Library Kickstarter generates extensions which include:

  • Creation of multiple views of the data,

  • Frontend input of the data,

  • Views with folders,

  • Simple interface in the Kickstarter with Context Sensitive Helps,

  • Generation of emails,

  • Generation of RTF files using database tags,

  • Data export in the CSV format or more complex format by means of XSLT processing,

  • Management of different versions of the same extension,

  • Generation of the documentation,

  • Generation of the Entity Relationship Diagram,

  • Many other features.

Code Generation for the SAV Library Mvc

The SAV Library Mvc Extension is the new development of the SAV Library which fully relies on the MVC approach with extbase and fluid. The configuration parameters to develop extension without any PHP coding are the same as in SAV Library Plus.

This library is in beta state because it does not implement yet all the features available with SAV Library Plus. However available features are enough for most extensions.

Latest Developments

The latest developments of the SAV Library Kickstarter are available on GitHub.

Test Extensions

The extension SAV Basic Example0 was designed to test the SAV Library Kickstarter generation for a basic extension with Fluid and Extbase.

The extension SAV Library Example0 was designed to test the SAV Library Kickstarter generation for the SAV Library Plus extension.

The extension SAV Library Mvc Example0 was designed to test the SAV Library Kickstarter generation for the SAV Library Mvc extension. It implements the same features as SAV Library Example0.

Other Extensions in Relation with the SAV Library Kickstarter Project

Extensions Generated for SAV Library Plus

  • SAV Library Example1

  • SAV Library Example2

  • SAV Library Example3

  • SAV Library Example4

  • SAV Library Example6

  • SAV Library Example7

  • SAV Library Example8

  • SAV Library Example9 - this extension depends on sav_charts.

  • SAV Library Example10 - this extension depends on map2.

  • SAV Download

  • SAV Meetings

Filters for SAV Library Plus

  • SAV Filters

Extensions Generated for SAV Library Mvc

  • SAV Calendar Mvc

Filters for SAV Library Mvc

  • SAV Filters

Extensions Generated as Basic Extensions

The following extensions have been kickstarted with the basic type.

  • SAV Charts

  • SAV Networks


  • Do not forget to include the SAV Library Kickstarter static template which is now required.


SAV Library Example0: Generated List View


SAV Library Example0: Generated Single View


SAV Library Example0: Generated Edit View


Kickstarter: Extension List


Kickstarter: Extension Configuration Section


Kickstarter: New Tables Section


Kickstarter: Views Section


Kickstarter: Queries Section


Kickstarter: Forms Section