Breaking: #78002 - Enforce cHash argument for Extbase actions

See forge#78002


URIs to Extbase actions now need a valid cHash per default. This is required for both cached and uncached actions. The behavior can be disabled for all actions using the feature switch requireCHashArgumentForActionArguments.


All generated links to Extbase actions without having a valid cHash will fail.

Affected Installations

All generated links to Extbase actions that explicitly disabled the cHash are affected - like <f:link.action action="..." noCacheHash="1"/>


Either one of the following:

  • ensure to use a valid cHash, e.g. by removing the noCacheHash="1" argument from link view-helpers
  • disable the requireCHashArgumentForActionArguments feature, e.g. for EXT:indexed_search:
plugin {
  tx_indexedsearch {
    features {
      requireCHashArgumentForActionArguments = 0