Breaking: #78191 - Remove support for transForeignTable in TCA

See forge#78191


TCA allowed the definition of separate tables to hold localized and translated records. The property names used for that were transForeignTable (basically pointed to table pages_language_overlay) and transOrigPointerTable (basically pointed back to table pages). The mentioned two pages tables are the only tables that make use of this feature in the TYPO3 core.

To overcome special handling and to combine pages_language_overlay with pages at a later step, the configured table names have been replaced with hardcoded table names.


Modifications concerning the following two TCA control properties won't have any effect anymore:

  • $GLOBALS[TCA][<tableName>]['ctrl']['transForeignTable']
  • $GLOBALS[TCA][<tableName>]['ctrl']['transOrigPointerTable']

Affected Installations

All sites using localizations and translations for page hierarchies.


No special actions are required if just the core defaults are used. Special adjustments concerning the mentioned TCA properties should be verified and hard-coded for the time being.

  • $GLOBALS[TCA]['pages']['ctrl']['transForeignTable'], use value pages_language_overlay directly
  • $GLOBALS[TCA]['pages_language_overlay']['ctrl']['transOrigPointerTable'], use value pages directly