Breaking: #82899 - More restricting checks for API methods in ExtensionManagementUtility

See forge#82899


The following methods within ExtensionManagementUtility, the primary API class for extensions registering additional components like plugins, modules or extending TCA functionality now throw Exceptions with invalid calls:

  1. addLLrefForTCAdescr() requires a non-empty string as first argument
  2. addNavigationComponent() requires the third argument ($extensionKey)
  3. addService() requires the second argument to be non-empty, and the fourth argument as array
  4. addPlugin() requires the third argument ($extensionKey) to be set
  5. addStaticFile() requires the second and third argument to be non-empty
  6. addTypoScript() requires the second argument to be either setup or constants


Calling any of the methods mentioned will trigger a InvalidArgumentException.

Affected Installations

Any TYPO3 installation with an extension calling any of the methods above with missing information.


Add the required parameters to the API calls in your extension registration files, typically located within ext_localconf.php, ext_tables.php or Configuration/TCA/* of an extension.