Breaking: #82896 - System extension "version" migrated into "workspaces"

See forge#82896


The basic functionality of versioning records, previously located within the "version" system extension was moved into the "workspaces" extension, which not only enhances the versioning with workflows and workflow stages, but also adds a Backend module to configure and to publish versioned records within a workspace.

The extensions' deeply coupled logic is now moved into one system extension, providing the same functionality still.


Using the versioning functionality of TYPO3 is now coupled with the workspace and workflow logic, and cannot be used separately for custom versioning strategies not supported by TYPO3 Core.

Additionally, third-party extensions checking for the previously available "version" extensions will trigger a deprecation warning.

Affected Installations

Any installation solely providing versioning functionality based on the "version" extension, but not using "workspaces".


Adapt your changes to check for "workspaces" instead of the "version" extension.

# old
if (ExtensionManagementUtility::isLoaded('version')) { ... }

# new
if (ExtensionManagementUtility::isLoaded('workspaces')) { ... }

If you built custom functionality built on "version" without "workspaces", ensure to adapt your settings and old class names to use the workspace PHP namespaces.