About this guide

This guide was written to help the reader to contribute to the official TYPO3 documentation and to write documentation for their own extensions.

Documentation written in reStructured Text can be rendered using a TYPO3-specific theme and automatically deployed to https://docs.typo3.org by adding a Webhook.


This document was originally written by Martin Bless.

Special thanks to Xavier Perseguers, who wrote some of the original texts in the retired TYPO3 Wiki and elsewhere. Some of the texts have been incorporated into this document or at least served as a basis.

Further chapters were added by Sybille Peters.

A number of other people have helped by reviewing and refining the text and pointing out missing information. For more contributors, see the list of contributors on GitHub for this manual.

We thank everyone for their help and hope that good documentation about writing documentation will make it easier for others to contribute.