Help & Support

Get help on writing documentation

If you wish to contribute to the docs, have questions about the documentation or run into problems, the TYPO3 slack workspace is the place to be.

In order to join the slack workspace, you must Register for TYPO3's Slack Platform. On that page, you will also find information about the most important channels.

The channel #typo3-documentation is your channel of choice for everything concerning TYPO3 documentation.

If you have some general TYPO3 support issues, please use #typo3-cms for that.

If you are not sure which channel to use for your question you can use #random where you get direct help or a hint for the right channel.

Get help on using documentation

The same method as in Get help on writing documentation applies: Post your question in the #typo3-documentation channel.

Don't worry, you will not be frowned upon if you don't know something. Engagement and curiosity is a good thing! You may even have stumbled upon something that is not documented well or is not user friendly. In that case, let us know about it!

Contact the Documentation Team

If you wish to contact the Documentation Team, you can also use the #typo3-documentation channel on Slack.

Additionally, you can contact us via email.

General support for TYPO3

Go to There, you will also be directed to the Slack channel #typo3-cms, but some other methods for getting help and support are listed as well.