Documentation content style guide

This contains conventions, coding guidelines and best practices for TYPO3 documentation. In general, the documentation follows the conventions as described in the following sections.

Finding common conventions is an ongoing task. Some of the decisions are still pending. For a list of open topics, see the "Documentation" category on

The most important conventions are summarized on this page, the rest can be found in the subchapters.

  1. Title capitalization

    Use sentence case - this means the title and headers will be capitalized like normal sentences. The first word is always capitalized and the rest is spelled as they would in "normal text".

    This is different from "TYPO3 content style guide" which capitalizes more words in the title. Capitalization in the documentation is still inconsistent currently, so you cannot rely on existing pages to show the correct convention.

  2. Spelling

    Use common spelling for American English. Some specific TYPO3 terms have a special spelling. See Spelling, terms and glossary

  3. Version hints

    How to add version hints describes how to add version hints for new sections or chapters:

    .. deprecated:: 10.2
       The hook shown here is deprecated since TYPO3 10.2 - use a custom
       :ref:`PSR-15 middleware<request-handling>` instead.
    .. versionadded:: 10.2
       Starting with TYPO3 10.2 hooks and signals have been replaced by a PSR-14 based
       event dispatching system.
    .. versionchanged:: 2.3.1
       This feature was changed ...
  4. Link to the changelog

    Link to changelog describes how to link to the changelog:

  5. Coding guidelines for headers

    Headline underline should follow Headline underlining

    First header level
    Second header level
    Third header level
  6. Refer to elements in the GUI with :guilabel:


    :guilabel:`Admin Tools > Extensions`

    This will look like this: Admin Tools > Extensions