The File > Filelist module is where you can manage all the media associated with your TYPO3 web site.

Managing files in the TYPO3 CMS

Files including documents and images are managed in the Filelist module. Similar to the Web > List module, it displays a navigation tree, which corresponds to the file structure on the server, and a list of all files for the selected directory.


A typical view from the The Filelist module

For admin users, the folder displayed by default is called "fileadmin/ (auto-generated)" and corresponds to the fileadmin/ folder located under the document root folder on your web server.

Using these files inside content elements to display them or link to them in your web site is covered in the images chapter.


There are extensions which make it possible to connect to remote storage pools (like a WebDAV server or an Amazon S3 account) and work with the files as if they were on the TYPO3 CMS server.

File metadata

You can provide metadata for the file by clicking on the button that looka like a pencil with the title text Edit Metadata of this file.

The metadata you provide can include (depending on the setup of the system and the format of the file):

  • Text to be displayed to all users in some contexts (Title, Description)

  • Text for Accessibility such as the alternative text for an image or a download name

  • Data required due to copyright issues

  • Metadata attached to the uploaded file such as information about the camera used or the location


There's a clipboard just like in the List module.


The Filelist module's clipboard

The handling is the same as the description used in the Advanced clipboard usage.

Uploading new files

You can upload files to a given folder by using the context menu or to the current directory by using the action icon in the docheader.


Upload possibilities in the Filelist module

Next steps

The next chapters cover configuration and administration tasks that require special access privileges as described in Backend Privileges.