Help within TYPO3 CMS

There are several features built-in to the user interface of the backend to help guide you when using the TYPO3 CMS.


Hover your mouse pointer over buttons and icons to display a short description of the function.

Tooltip for the Forms module

See the Tooltip help for the Forms module

Context sensitive help

  • When you hover your mouse pointer over some field labels, your cursor changes into a question mark. This indicates that you can click on the label to display a help pop-up.

    Context help pop-up for the :guilabel:`Column` label

    Context help pop-up for the Column label

  • Most content elements include a question mark icon. Click the icon to display a help window about the item or function it is next to.

    Context help window for the editing interface

    Context help window for the editing interface

TYPO3 manual

The TYPO3 manual is a module that provides more extensive descriptions of features and functions in the backend.

In the top bar, click the question mark icon to access the Help section, then select the TYPO3 Manual module.

The **TYPO3 Manual** in the :guilabel:`Help` menu

The TYPO3 Manual in the Help menu