Creating Pages

There are two ways to add a new page to your site. It can be done either by dragging the new page icon to the desired location in the page tree or by right-clicking on an existing page and using the contextual menu.

To start adding pages:

  • Select the Web > Page module in the backend.

  • Expand the page tree so that all of its subpages are visible (optional).

Adding pages within the page tree

You can create a new page by dragging and dropping a page from the top of the page tree.

Creating a page using drag and drop
  1. Select the type of page you want to add by choosing from one of the icons. In this example we are creating a standard page.

  2. Drop the icon either between two existing pages to create a sibling or on top of an existing page to create a child.

  3. Give the new page a title.

    Inserting a page title

New pages are disabled by default. To enable a newly created page, right-click on the page and select Enable. You can also enable a page from the Access tab in page properties.

Adding pages with the context menu

  1. Right-click any existing page and choose More options > 'Create New' Wizard from the context menu.

    Creating pages with context menu

    The New record screen will appear.

  2. Decide where you want your new page to appear in the page tree by selecting one of the black arrows.

    Selecting a position for the new page using the wizard

    The Create new Page screen will appear.

  3. Provide a title for the page. You can also go to the Access tab and enable the page to make it visible in the frontend.

    Making the new page publicly visible

Visit the page types chapter for more information on the different types of pages that can be created.