Mask version 8.0

The new TYPO3 version 12.0 has been released in October and there are already some extensions compatible (32 as of time of writing). This is nice to see and Mask jumps on that train of early adopters, as well! As Mask is a verified extension our minimum goal is to deliver a compatible version one month before the LTS release. This version (v8.1) will now be the deprecation free and all new features adopted version.

Breaking changes

  • Dropped support for TYPO3 v10.
  • It is now required that the configured extension paths are pointing to a loaded extension.
  • In composer mode, template paths need to have the EXT: prefix. Paths with typo3conf won't work any longer.

The following methods have been removed:

  • \MASK\Mask\Domain\Repository\StorageRepository->loadField()
  • \MASK\Mask\Domain\Repository\StorageRepository->loadInlineFields()
  • \MASK\Mask\Domain\Repository\StorageRepository->loadElement()
  • \MASK\Mask\Domain\Repository\StorageRepository->getFormType()
  • \MASK\Mask\Domain\Repository\StorageRepository->getElementsWhichUseField()
  • \MASK\Mask\Domain\Repository\StorageRepository->findFirstNonEmptyLabel()
  • \MASK\Mask\Domain\Repository\StorageRepository->getLabel()
  • \MASK\Mask\Domain\Repository\StorageRepository->getFieldType()

The following classes have been removed:

  • MASK\Mask\Helper\FieldHelper
  • MASK\Mask\ViewHelpers\EditLinkViewHelper
  • MASK\Mask\ViewHelpers\ContentViewHelper


All removed methods of StorageRepository and FieldHelper can be found in MASK\Mask\Definition\TableDefinitionCollection. This service can be injected via dependency injection.

Instead of using the Mask ViewHelpers you can use be:link.editRecord and f:cObject with the lib.tx_mask.content TypoScript snippet.


TYPO3 has removed FontAwesome from the core, which Mask relies heavily on. There is a compatibility extension though friendsoftypo3/fontawesome-provider, which will be automatically installed via composer. The TER version (as of time of writing) hasn't been published yet. Keep watch on the key fontawesome_provider in the TER.

Issue reporting

Please report any problems, that you might encounter. This version is not yet deprecation-free, so don't open issues for that. These are already listed on the project page. New TCA features will be adopted later as well.


Do you like the early adoption of Mask? You can now sponsor my (Nikita Hovratov) free contribution to this project on GitHub.