Things go wrong and you don't know why? Maybe this troubleshooting guide knows!

Error in backend after upgrading Mask

In some version upgrades Mask changes things, where a simple cache clearing is not enough. First of all try clearing the cache in Maintenance > Flush Cache. If you can't access the module, delete the folder typo3temp or var/cache. Also try to deactivate and reactivate the extension if you have upgraded to v7.

Database Analyzer: Invalid default value

If you run the database analyzer and it complains about a column having an invalid default value then you should check a few things.


First check your SQL_MODE by running SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'SQL_MODE';. There are some candidates that cause trouble when having a too strict environment in a MySQL server. These are for example text types, which might disallow default values per se or date types which might disallow 0000-00-00 values as default.

In order to fix this, remove the restrictions that cause this to happen. For dates it is NO_ZERO_DATE for example. Or just sweep them altogether by running SET GLOBAL SQL_MODE = '';.

Update tables

Else it just might be you are changing a fields definition when it's already filled with values. In this case either completely delete the column and run the database analyzer anew or update the old default values with the new one. For example UPDATE tt_content SET tx_mask_field = 0 WHERE tx_mask_field IS NULL.

On save error: Row size too large (MariaDB)


There is a limit on how much can fit into a single InnoDB database row. Read here for more technical insight. As Mask uses the table tt_content, it must be ensured, that the table does not grow indefinitely.


First, check if you are using the DYNAMIC row format. If not, alter your tables to use this format, in order to store more data on overflow pages.


Else, here are some tips to save table row size:

  • Reuse existing TYPO3 core and Mask fields as much as possible.
  • Try to minimize the usage of new string, link and select fields. They all use varchar(255).
  • You can manually manipulate your json definitions and change the sql varchar fields to text, as suggested here.
  • If applicable, use inline fields, as they create a new table.
  • Otherwise consider creating an own extension with custom tables if your Mask elements are getting too complex.

Read this mariadb troubleshooting guide for in depth explanation and more tips.