Mask version 8.1

It is March 2023 and TYPO3 v12 is close to feature freeze. The right time to finish migrating the last deprecations and implementing new features. Aaand it's done. Enjoy Mask v8.1 delivered right on time.

Deprecation free

TYPO3 v12 introduced A LOT of new TCA features, but at the same time an equal amount of deprecations. These are now tackled and your TYPO3 instance won't flood your deprecation log anymore.

New field types

There are some new types due to newly introduced TCA types.



This replaces the old way of using the String field together with eval email.



This replaces the old way of using the Group field together with internal_type folder.

New TCA features

New PSR-14 MaskAllowedFieldsEvent

The newly introduced \MASK\Mask\Event\MaskAllowedFieldsEvent allows to add custom existing fields to be available in the Mask module. Refer to this guide on how to use it.

Thanks to Thomas Scholze (@twaurisch)!

ES6 modules for TYPO3 v12

The JavaScript of Mask is now bundled and migrated to ES6 modules, which is a new feature in TYPO3 v12, instead of using RequireJS. In TYPO3 v11 another AMD bundle is generated for compatibility.

Thanks to Benjamin Franzke (@bnf)!

Upgrade Wizard necessary

The persistence / matching of type Content fields has changed. It is necessary to run the upgrade wizard with the title Migrate Mask Content fields.

Command with TYPO3 CLI:

// composer mode
vendor/bin/typo3 upgrade:run migrateContentFields

// classic mode
typo3/sysext/core/bin/typo3 upgrade:run migrateContentFields


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