New in version 11.4

The TCA field type called category has been added to TYPO3 Core. Its main purpose is to simplify the TCA configuration when adding a category tree to a record. It therefore supersedes the CategoryRegistry as well as the ExtensionManagementUtility->makeCategorizable(), which has required creating a "TCA overrides" file.

New in version 12.0

While using the type category, TYPO3 takes care of generating the necessary TCA configuration. Developers only have to define the TCA column and add category as the desired TCA type in the tables's TCA file (inside or outside of the Overrides folder).

$GLOBALS['TCA'][$myTable]['columns']['categories'] = [
   'config' => [
      'type' => 'category'


The following options can be overridden via page TSconfig, TCE form:

  • size
  • maxitems
  • minitems
  • readOnly
  • treeConfig