Text areas & RTE


The type='text' is for multi line text input, in the database ext_tables.sql files it is typically set to a TEXT column type. In the Backend, it is rendered in various shapes: It can be rendered as a simple <textarea>, as a Rich Text Editor, as a code block with syntax highlighting, and others.

The following renderTypes are available:

  • default: A simple text area or a rich text field is rendered if no renderType is specified.

  • belayoutwizard: The backend layout wizard is displayed in order to edit records of table backend_layout in the backend.

  • t3editor: The renderType = 't3editor'`triggers a code highlighter if extension `t3editor is loaded, otherwise falls back to "default" renderType.

  • textTable: The renderType = 'textTable' triggers a view to manage frontend table display in the backend. It is used for the "Table" tt_content content element.

Text field with renderType textTable


The table wizard allows to edit the code-like configuration of the tables with a visual editor.