Extension eventnews

The extension eventnews adds additional fields to the news extension allowing to define events and provides a view to show them in a month based calendar. This extension alters the standard calendar view by removing the filter panel and showing event information within the calendar by means of popup dialogs (see example).

Calendar view from events

Calendar view from events

To use the calendar view provided by this extension the static Pizpalue - eventnews (pizpalue) needs to be added to Include static (from extensions) from the template record. The resulting template hierarchy would be as following:

  1. News (news)

  2. News Styles Twitter Bootstrap V5 (news)

  3. Eventnews (eventnews)

  4. Pizpalue - news (pizpalue)

  5. Pizpalue - eventnews (eventnews)


Currently there is an issue in showing the month view ( see issue 132). This might be corrected by adding the following dependency injection configuration to the site package (EXT:my_site/Configuration/Services.yaml):

GeorgRinger\News\Controller\NewsController: '@GeorgRinger\Eventnews\Controller\NewsController'