Extension eventnews

The following description refers to the plugin content element.


Per default the calendar view shows a calendar from the month and a list from events taking place in the selected month.

In case just the calendar should be shown the field Template Layout (register Template) can be set to Compact (month). To extend the view with a filter panel the layout Extended (month) can be selected.


The default title can be overridden by the subheader field in case the header field is empty. It is only rendered if the field ´header type` is not hidden. The header type is taken into account.



In case no event is shown review the setting for the field Event Restriction under the register Eventnews.


To only show upcoming events the field Time limit (LOW) can be set to now in the plugin content element.


To show events in search results add the following TS to the setup where the plugin is located: plugin.tx_news.settings.overrideFlexformSettingsIfEmpty:= removeFromList(eventRestriction)


To change the label for the location detail link the following TS can be used: plugin.tx_pizpalue._LOCAL_LANG.default.tx-eventnews-locationDetailLink = Show location