Upgrade to version 15.0

Breaking changes

Drop extension news date localization

Corrective action

Add the necessary configuration to the site package.

Replace bootstrap scroll spy js


Since the bootstrap scroll spy is buggy a replacement has been introduced, dropping the typoscript configuration constant pizpalue.menu.scroll.offset in favor of pizpalue.menu.scroll.rootMargin.

Corrective action

Review the typoscript scroll configuration.

Use easyconf constants substitution


Since TYPO3 v12 typoscript constants are not substituted anymore. The substitution is now carried out by the extension easyconf by moving the related constants to the typoscript path easyconf.substitutions. Further the following typoscript constants have been dropped:

  • pizpalue.agency.reference

  • pizpalue.cutomer.copyright

Corrective action

In case the extension easyconf is present save the configurations through the easyconf form.

In case easyconf is not present define the various constants manually.

Where the above-mentioned dropped constants are used the following replacements should be used:

  • pizpalue.agency.reference -> no replacement

  • pizpalue.cutomer.copyright ->


Drop bootstrap 4

Corrective action

Adapt site package accordingly.

Drop deprecated view helpers


The deprecated view helpers BootstrapPackageFrameViewHelper and PizpalueFrameViewHelper have been dropped.

Corrective action

Use the following replacements:

  • BootstrapPackageFrameViewHelper ->


  • PizpalueFrameViewHelper ->


Change google fonts url


To use a different google fonts for headings the typoscript constant pizpalue.style.googleFontsUrl has been adapted. This constant itself referenced other constants to specify the font families and the font weights. Since the TYPO3 version 12.1 constants in constants aren't substituted anymore hence the google url is faulty. The issue has been addressed by dropping the constant pizpalue.style.googleFontsUrl and adding the constant pizpalue.style.googleFontsUrlHeadingsSegment defining the url segment specifying the headings font.

Corrective action

In case you used the constant pizpalue.style.googleFontsUrl you need to extract the additional font segment part and assign it to the constant pizpalue.style.googleFontsUrlHeadingsSegment. Please Note that the leading pipe character needs to be available.


pizpalue.style.googleFontsUrl = https://fonts .googleapis.com/css?display=swap&family= {$page.theme.googleFont.font}:{$page.theme. googleFont.weight}|Lobster:400


pizpalue.style.googleFontsUrlHeadingsSegment = |Lobster:400

Mind the leading | character.

Bump TYPO3 to v12.1


By supporting the main branch 12 support for the main branch 10 has been dropped.