Q: How can the extension be installed or updated with the source code from Github?

A: Follow these steps:

  1. Create a backup (data base as well as typo3conf folder)

  2. Uninstall the extensions user_pizpalue and pizpalue in the extension manager

  3. Update supported extensions (e.g. news, tt_address, timelog) as needed. If possible use tested versions.

  4. Delete the folder typo3conf/ext/pizpalue

  5. Download the source code from github

  6. Upload the downloaded zip-file to typo3conf/ext

  7. Extract the files

  8. Rename the new folder from typo3-pizpalue-main to pizpalue

  9. Install the extension pizpalue

  10. Install the extension user_pizpalue


Q: I have to use gridelements and container together. After updating container to version 1.3.0 the container child elements aren't shown any more. How can this be fixed?

A: It might be related to the initial installation sequence from the structure extensions. You might try to order the package listing in typo3conf/PackageStates.php:

'pvh' => [
   'packagePath' => 'typo3conf/ext/pvh/',
'gridelements' => [
   'packagePath' => 'typo3conf/ext/gridelements/',
'pp_gridelements' => [
   'packagePath' => 'typo3conf/ext/pp_gridelements/',
'flux' => [
   'packagePath' => 'typo3conf/ext/flux/',
'flux_elements' => [
   'packagePath' => 'typo3conf/ext/flux_elements/',
'container' => [
   'packagePath' => 'typo3conf/ext/container/',
'container_elements' => [
   'packagePath' => 'typo3conf/ext/container_elements/',


Q: How can I translate strings to my language (e.g. for the cookie dialog)?

A: To contribute translating an extension consult the chapter Localization with Crowdin in the TYPO3 Explained documentation. The string to be translated most likely belongs to either the bootstrap_package or the pizpalue extension. Alternatively labels can be overridden with TS. For more details see _LOCAL_LANG.[lang-key].[label-key] from the plugin chapter in the TypoScript template reference manual.


Q: The browser shows an error related to the favicon. What is wrong?

A: Most likely the fav- and appicon files aren't available or the icon header data isn' correct. To create and add the icons follow these steps:

  1. Create the icons and the header code at

  2. Store the assets to the website root directory.

  3. Merge the header code provided by to one line.

  4. In the constant editor paste the one line header code to the Header data field, section App icon from the category PIZPALUE: CUSTOMER BASE.